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              Rhonda Scott
       Jesse Scott
As the nephew of this remarkable woman, I feel grateful that she allows me the opportunity to share her art collection with the world.

I really enjoy the outdoors and outdoor activities, and I believe this complements my aunt’s inspiration.
 I share photographs of my recent adventures  and occasionally, one or two will spark her interest. 
My mission is to provide friends an opportunity to own a piece of art they will cherish.  
My works range from Alaskana to Abstract and reflect the color and beauty we are exposed to daily but may not have the time to appreciate! 

2014 - 8th Annual Plein Air event 
Thanks Jesse, for helping with booth set-up in the pouring rain!   And especially thanks for being TALL!!!!
         My favorite plein air site
"Just Flowers"  one of my favorite pieces 
I am blessed to have many nieces and nephews (and GREAT nieces and nephews) who are sweet and talented!  

Scotty is an artist in his own right and also the greatest member of my 'support team'.  He helps Aunt Rhonda haul art, set up shows and tents, sign and inventory and 'adjust' events almost every month. Couldn't do it without him! 
                  Scotty Scott
   "Monkey Boy"
Available in prints, canvas and metals.  Monkey Boy loves to travel and instigate fun!
My 'personal assistant,' Brayden Scott.
He's really good at helping Aunt Rhonda with hanging art, taking notecard inventories, taking photos and generally helping me figure out my smartphone and apps!!!
     10th Annual Plein Air...2016

  " A great day for me is one with paint or dirt on my hands"

As a life-long Alaskan I’m inspired by living in one of the most scenic landscapes of the world. I've always tinkered with artistic creativities like photography and gardening and as I emerged into mid-life, I took the plunge and signed up for local art classes. My transition from timidly pressing paintbrush to paper allowed me to become more appreciative of the world in general, and permits me to take the time to not only smell, but paint the roses.

I am blessed with a great support team, including my hubby John Murry, who is always supportive and offers excellent critiques and candid observations. I have two generations of nieces and nephews who share my passion. I am privileged to create masterpieces with them.

I participate in many, many events and am on display in a host of diverse locations around Alaska. Check my home page for current locations and upcoming events.

I am a member of the Alaska Watercolor Society, the Kachemak Water Color Society, and formerly acted as Secretary for the Alaska Art Guild.  

10% of my annual sales are donated to the Alzheimer's Resource of Alaska in memory of my mom. They are a truly wonderful agency, making a difference in many people's lives.

I hope you experience the same joy in my art that I sensed as they were created.
My biggest supporter.... The man who makes me laugh